Your are here: Home > Business Service > Details - B2B Currency Exchange Marketplace is a b2b currency exchange marketplace with a particular focus on illiquid currencies. Provide Cheap Exchange Rates Exchange Exotic, Foreign Currencies, FX & International Payments service for Pay Suppliers Abroad.

Most tales involving poker games involve someone walking away as either a big winner or loser, it's not often we hear that a game led to the creation of an innovative and ever-growing company!

This is exactly how VertoFX came to be.

In 2017, Ola found an opportunity where he could help individuals within the UK, especially residents with families back in Nigeria send money home by setting up an online remittance company. At the same time Anthony was launching a prop-tech company and starting his MBA. Co-incidentally both decided to quit their respective jobs and continue with their new ventures. It was around then, over a regular game of poker, that Ola mentioned all the issues he'd seen with paying suppliers abroad, especially in the developing markets. This led to Anthony suggesting building a marketplace solution which could solve for problems with lack of liquidity, long settlement periods and high transaction fees, giving life to Verto, and the rest is history.

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