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Y&R International(Wuhu) Industrial Ltd is an ISO9001 certified general industrial & trading company established in 1991. We are specializing in fragrance flavor, food flavor, essential oil and aromatic chemicals in China. Y&R has more than 5000 kinds of fragrance and flavors, provided professional service for more than 50 countries in the world. With our constant efforts to provide green, healthy, organic, high-quality fragrance and flavor are our mission. Our products are in quality control of ISO,HALAL, REACH, KOSHER. We have excellent international chemical and perfuming teams from Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and China to provide customers with products and services more in line with their needs.Our factory is equipped with fully automated liquid production equipment, with an annu...


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Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities

Our operation aligns with and forms a business model in order to succeed.

Leadership Role

Leadership Role

We lead a powerfully growing company with an evident social improving role.

Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades

The rewards we received are the noble compliments for what we have done.

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